Tattoo Removal
Say goodbye to your tattoo. Decorative tattooing in humans can be traced back thousands of years.  So can the desire to remove them.  Today, while nearly 10% of adults in Canada and the United States have tattoos, more than half regret them, and would like to have them eliminated. What looks good at 18 may seem undesirable 20 years later.  We at the Westboro Cosmetic Laser would love to help you in your journey to removing your tattoo.
Before & After Pictures
Before any treatments
Before any treatments
After one treatment
After four treatments
Tattoo Removal Machine Information
Alma Harmony Laser offers significant advantages over previous methods for tattoo removal and are presently the treatment of choice for tattoo removal. The system provides a safe and effective way of removing tattoos, leaving natural-looking skin.
Alma Harmony Laser
The Zimmer Cryo 5 is designed to assist in laser aesthetic procedures. It cools the skin, which reduces patient discomfort and pain.
Zimmer Cyro.5 Cooling System
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